Next Meet up: Monday May 13th    

If it is raining, see you 

Holiday Monday, May 20th

I have made Stratford, ON my home since 2008. During this time I have become a mom, an entrepreneur, hibernated during a pandemic, and walked through a year of breast cancer treatments. 

At each stage of my life and all the places in between,  I have needed community.  It is not always easy, especially for an introvert, the struggle is real!

Loneliness and depression are at epidemic proportions around the world.

We live in a way that limits our ability to have shoulder nudges, smiles and real-life relationships with others.

  • Stores are self-checkout
  • Shopping trips can be done from our couch
  • We can distract ourselves with scrolling and playing solo games
  • Community events are less common
  • Sitting at a coffee shop or bar can get costly
  • Online trolls make it easy to forget there are great people out there in real life
  • We have lost some brave to reach out and express a desire to get to know someone


Here are my simple initial thoughts as an introvert who desires to expand her community...

Let's. Just. Meet!

  • Bring your own lawn chair in case there are no benches or picnic tables available
  • Bring your own beverage
  • Think about a joke you can say (or read off your phone) to help break the ice

I'll have name tags available - (deep breath, they are optional 😉), we will smile at each other, say hello and tell our jokes, laugh and see what happens.

When & Where:


10 am -12 pm

North Shore Park off William St at the Stratford River.  Between the playground and the bathrooms  Look for the table with a green cloth.

Bus Stops: Route 3: 1112 and Route 5: 1230 are within walking distance

  • you can be chatty
  • you can be quiet
  • you can be young
  • you can be old
  • you can sip your beverage, watch and smile
  • you can come say hi, walk the river and join us again
  • you can drive past a few times before dropping in
  • you can be the first one there with bells on
  • you can be the last one

There is room for you and how you do brave 

 I hope to see you there!

What if....

it rains?   Dang, let's try again next week

I don't vibe with anyone?  Well, honestly that can happen.  For me,  if I wasn't leading the charge in this, my default is to hang back and sometimes go home a bit let down.  It takes me a few brave meetings before I begin to feel comfortable.  

Can I take a moment here and tell you a  recent-ish story?

Aug 2022 I was tired of still being in pandemic hibernation mode and I saw a notice to meet with some women for a casual, no topic hang once a week - it was ending in September so I was on the tail end and of course worried I would not fit in.  I bravely pulled up my big girl pants and went...  I shared a few laughs, contributed to conversation a wee wee bit and repeated this for 3 maybe 4 more visits.  I never did feel like I fit in like I had hoped, but I wasn't on the outs either -- I was just learning how to make friends again.  Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and one of those strangers became a dear friend, support and cheerleader while I was going through breast cancer treatments.  

First impressions are rarely true, it takes time to know people.  

Keep showing up. 

You are worth knowing!